Quality Control  
    With the aid of state-of-the-art machineries, highly experienced managers and technicians from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, stringent corporate management and excellent customer service, we have developed excellent brand image and reputation among our clients and in the industry. In 2000, we have obtained British Standards Institution (BSI) 9001:2000 management system of quality certification. Goldhero is rated with credit AAA by Agricultural Bank of China as a result of its excellent credibility and integrity. Our innovative product designs have also won many honorable awards.

5 Areas of Management
Clean up: Clean up all unnecessary items in the work area.
Tidy: Keep every item in the work place neat and tidy with adequate labeling. Phenomenon such as accumulated items, chaotic environment, misplacement and inaccurate record of items will be fully eliminated.
Clean: Maintain maintain work environment and equipments and all other devices in high standard of cleanliness.
Persistent: Develop persistent habits for supervision and monitoring.
Manner: Build good manner, build high respect to career and others, take care of public facilities, follow rules, and build strong sense of time.

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